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As a construction business with the resource and experience available to operate in any region across Canada, Gen-eer will work closely with local stakeholders, utilise our existing relationships with the local supply chains to provide our clients with the project experience to invest, develop, construct, and maintain across the whole project journey.

Our wide-ranging expertise and capabilities allow us to promote a team built right for you and your project. From renovation and regeneration projects to large construction developments.

Working across sectors including Healthcare, Commercial, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, and Education, we offer best value for customers and do it in a responsible and successful approach to the project.

We will provide single and total construction service packages that maximise value and performance, with a focus on safe working practices, a successful approach and enhanced experience for the end users.

At Gen-eer we are extremely proud to deliver projects that make a real difference to our clients and their wider communities.



Gen-eer’s work in the Healthcare Industry ranges from community health centres to specialist healthcare facilities, to private medical clinics, and large hospital renovation projects. Our experience in the Healthcare industry includes General Contractor, Design & Build, Construction Management Turnkey Solutions, and Specialist Equipment installations. Within this Industry we bring a very strong and extensive experience of working in live environments.

In partnership with our Design Consultant and Supply Chain teams, our project solutions are designed and constructed to improve clinical arrangements and infrastructure, and to address any issues regarding business continuity by providing a real focus on critical care, fire safety routes, infection control, operating rooms, dialysis, pneumatic tube, and diagnostics within existing healthcare facilities.

With the rigorous procedures of working in a live healthcare environment, Gen-eer will work closely with the healthcare facility team to understand any operational requirements and provide a flexible programme of works solution that minimises any potential disruption in patient care.

Early engagement of the Gen-eer team will ensure we can proactively address and amend any planned on-site construction activities while urgent clinical activities take place.

To ensure infection control is continually maintained and where the space permits, Gen-eer will implement dedicated ‘dirty’ and ‘clean’ routes of passage, with the added benefit of utilising our in-house Negative Air-cubes to create and maintain the negative pressure required in preventing dust and contaminant movement to surrounding areas. This provision is over and above the Infection Control Hoarding and Logistics Plan we implement on all our projects. This is of particular and extreme importance where our works are in areas of the facility that are located adjacent to any High Dependency or Operating room units.

At Gen-eer we continuously look for ways to drive efficiencies and add value at every stage of the project. We apply a real focus on the improvement of the physical environment for staff, visitors and deliver bets possible solution to enhance patient care.


With our extensive experience working within live environments together with full adherence to the stringent measures in healthcare construction, our transferable skills allow us to work closely with the stakeholders to gain full knowledge and understanding of the spatial requirements, people flow, and process flows for the products and any specialist contaminant waste disposals. Gen-eer, our Consultants and Supply Chain teams will also meet with all regulatory, code and legal requirements to ensure full compliance in each area of medicine, healthcare, production, technical and manufacturing areas.

Our Preconstruction team and Design Consultants will provide optimal solutions that will result in a building or space that provides flexibility to run 24/7 and can be easily upgraded to meet any potential and future manufacturing processes with minimal disruption to the current operations.

With our existing relationships and strong partnership in a vastly experienced and specialist Supply Chain, Gen-eer has the expertise in place to ensure the continuous operation of the building and areas by offering continuous maintenance support to the facility.


Cost, Time and Quality are all key in any Commercial project to prove the financial viability of the development and provide the client with a return on their investment, market appeal, and future business opportunities that the investment will bring.

From the project inception, Gen-eer focuses on high performance and reducing any risks of design changes and delays in the overall construction duration.

In partnership with our dedicated supply chain and through committed management and applied value engineering, Gen-eer will work proactively and diligently with the success of your project in mind. Our team has implement an approach to provide the client with certainty in a sustainable design solution and cost proposal, together with a realistic and feasible construction duration.

Gen-eer’s work in the commercial industry ranges from property refurbishment and renovations to the expertise to undertake premium office developments to large scale construction projects.

It is our solid Project Management experience coupled with our Quantity Surveying and Estimating resources that ensure we work within budgets and timeframes with a focus on delivering a quality project for the client. Gen-eer are available to partner on various contract types and forms, from preconstruction 2-stage tendering services, construction only, to design and build.

Regardless of how complex the project, at every stage through the construction journey Gen-eer will focus on our clients’ requirements and vision for their project. Together as a full project team, we will deliver the best value solution to create a leading and flexible environment that delivers on our client’s vision.


Competition across universities and colleges means they are investing in their campus estate and futureproofing to support strategic needs and provide an outstanding student experience. Our education projects include refurbishments and new builds to upgrade and expand research, teaching, and social spaces at top educational institutions.

Much of our work takes place in a live environment where the health and safety of our people and the users is our priority, with a strict attention paid to minimise any potential interruption to the departments teaching and learning spaces. During the Preconstruction phase we will focus on every aspect of the construction schedule to eliminate potential risks and to promote strong relationships with the departments, client and employ strict management of safety procedures to ensure minimal disruption to the daily campus or department operations.

With our vast experience in the healthcare industry performing construction activities within live and functioning hospital departments, Education is an industry where Gen-eer are transferring our abilities of working closely with the client and departments to guarantee their daily operations are maintained throughout the construction sequence and program of works.

As with many construction projects budget constraints are often a key pressure to the client, the Gen-eer team will support the client and end-users from the outset to achieve best value solutions that will maximise the potential from your buildings. Early engagement of Gen-eer and our team will allow us to apply a knowledge and understanding of the client’s vision, that will then be promoted throughout our supply chain and design team relationships. Early engagement lets us maximise design opportunities and deliver high-quality, safe, productive, and value-driven solutions that will be constructed in harmony with the daily operations of the education estate.

Gen-eer will work closely with the client team to address any specific department needs and constraints that need to be recognised and identify any potential opportunities that will provide a solution that delivers on the client’s priorities, providing flexibility in design, maximum value, and an inspiring learning environment for the stakeholders and end-users.


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