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We are all about delivering great Projects together. We work as One


Since our inception in 1991, Gen-eer has been built on an ethical and responsible business model combined with a passion for our work that has given us the opportunity to complete projects across Canada from Victoria BC, to St. Johns NL. We are a company that embraces a passion for our work and our clients.

At Gen-eer we take pride in building strong relationships not only with Clients and Consultants, but also with our Supply Chain. It is these strong relationships that we forge to create the full and wider team on each of our projects that drives our desire to deliver great projects, regardless of their size, location, or complexity.

Our belief for the success of any project is what it takes to complete it: Honesty, Integrity, Partnership, Dedication and Determination. We tailor every Construction Methodology proposal to each Project specifically, ensuring the Clients requirements are fully presented in our approach and Solution to each individual Project proposal. It is this attention to detail and commitment that provides a Client confidence that their Project with all its complexities have been considered and addressed in the proposal. This early investment is what achieves better value and better outcomes for all Projects. 

Our Teams deliver transformational projects including High-End Private Clinics, Quality Fit-out and Renovations, Special Purpose Vendor Projects, Education Projects, Modern Health Facilities, Commercial, Manufacturing and Pharmaceutical Projects.

About us


At Gen-eer we are all about delivering great Projects together.

As a passionate and forward-thinking team, we are focused on Service and Delivery. By aligning ourselves with your needs we will create the best delivery outcomes for you. Our goal is to deliver high quality projects that our clients can be proud of and create a great client experience along the way.

We do this by being forward thinking in the way we go about our work. We believe a Project can be won or lost at the Pre-Construction stage, our Team will challenge how things are done and continually strive to find better ways to ensure success.


With being better aligned with you as the client, we can deliver a better service that meets all your expectations.

Early collaboration can lead to better value solutions. Our passionate team are always looking ahead, seeking new ways to do things, systems, and methodologies to propel projects further forward.


Core to Gen-eer are our Beliefs and Ethics. They are what we believe, what our customers can expect, and how we deliver.

The success of the project depends on the partnerships and trust we earn. This enables us to work positively and collaboratively and gives clients, partners, and colleagues the assurance that we are one project team.

Our mix of prudence and diligence, care, and attention to detail means that our clients have certainty and assurance in everything we do and trust us to deliver. Honesty and Integrity is at the basis of every decision.

Each of us is accountable for what we do. We treat the client and project team with respect. From the smallest to the largest detail, we know that everything matters. Work together as a Team.

Every challenge is an opportunity. We work collaboratively and focus on safety, productivity, and quality to find solutions we as a Team can be proud of, and that provide a positive lasting benefit for the Client.

We work as one – in our teams, partnerships and with our clients. Each contribution to the project is respected. It is important to listen, understand, challenge, and take new ideas with confidence. Together as a Team, we can ensure the successful delivery of the Project and provide the best possible solution to serve the Clients needs.


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