About us


Geneer appreciates the relationships the company has built with the clients, the consultants and the specialty trades that make the project team.

Here are some of the words others they have offered about Geneer.

-Ann McCusker, General Manager, MedRay Imaging

-Douglas Spratt, President, Douglas Spratt & Associates Ltd.

Value Engineering

Value Engineering is one of the fundamental principles of Geneer to reducing construction costs and enhancing the value of the project without compromising the quality and function. It is the ability to use one’s imagination in combination with engineering design principles.

Value Engineering requires a team commitment that incorporates all components of the project to achieve a quality product, assuring the best value to the client.

The success of a project is in working closely with the hospital, the client and the user group. This is accomplished by having them involved at each milestone of the project from initial planning to completion.

When the project team works together the design of the facility improves and develops to a high level & standard. Geneer approaches each Project with experience, an aptitude for learning and a goal to always aim for better.