Geneer appreciates the relationships the company has built with the clients, the consultants and the specialty trades that make the project team.

Here are some of the words others they have offered about Geneer.

-Ann McCusker, General Manager, MedRay Imaging

-Douglas Spratt, President, Douglas Spratt & Associates Ltd.

The Geneer Service

The Geneer Service

Geneer specializes in new departments, retro-fits and renovations.

Geneer embraces a socially responsible identity, combined with a passion for our work. Our mission is to provide health care professionals with the best possible facility to accommodate patients' needs for excellent care.

Geneer has successfully completed projects across Canada, from Victoria, BC to St. Johns, Newfoundland. Our projects have depended on the services of different Consultants and Hospital Teams. As the Project Lead, Geneer is able to communicate the successes and shortcomings of previous projects with each subsequent project team. Each facility has its own challenges and characteristics, therefore we construct a uniquely designed plan and agenda that is tailored to each project to ensure the highest quality can be achieved. Through years of experience, Geneer has developed proven design details that are shared with the local project team.

An initial Pre-Design start-up meeting is held with the Client (including the Planning Department, Facilities Department and Clinical Department Technicians) and the Consulting Team to ensure that the vision and specific requirements of the Client are met.

The construction Design Proposal includes;

1.       The intent of the project.

2.      Site visit to evaluate the existing site conditions.

3.      The Preparation of the set of design drawings for review, coordination, comments and sign off with the Client.

Once the project is approved, a full time Project Manager, along with the Project Supervisor, will take the lead using Value Engineering throughout the design, tendering and construction phases of the project.

Geneer believes that the projects success is primarily determined during the pre-construction phase. We believe that the effort spent in the design and pre-construction phases produce a major payback during construction.

For most projects, the mechanical and electrical costs are the major component to the project budget. Geneers M&E Project Manager, who is well versed in mechanical and electrical design is a valuable asset at this early stage. He is able to make recomendations to the Project Design Team from the trade contractors perspective.

A Pre-Construction start up meeting is held to review and finalize the Construction Site Logistics Plan, construction requirements and IP&C/Dust Control procedures.

Site Logistics identify the:

  • Health and Safety Plan
  • Entry and exit points to the building for the travel route
  • Materials Handling Plan; procedure with the shipping and receiving departments for deliveries

The Dust Barrier System is as per the CSA Standard Z317.13.07 Infection Control during Construction or Renovation of Health Care Facilities will form the basis of the IP&C/Dust Control Plan.

During the construction phase hazardous assessment, Health and Safety, and IP&C meetings are held daily to ensure a safe working environment for all involved.

All aspects of construction and the coordination of the project, including the equipment delivery are managed through Geneer's Project Team.

Regular construction site meetings are held with the Project Manager, Project Site Supervisor and the Client to ensure that all aspects of the project are running smoothly.

The Construction Schedule is based on a 6 to 7 day work schedule. Our advantage is completing projects with accelerated schedules, generally independent of local trade markets. We have strategic alliances with specialty Trade Contractors who work within our accelerated schedules and construction budgets. With this versatility, project costs are maintained or reduced and the completion of our projects remain on schedule. Quality is never compromised and a Geneer Project must always meet a High Quality Standard.

Upon completion of the project, Geneer reviews the site along with the Client to ensure their complete satisfaction. A project manual is prepared and submitted as part of our commitment to the Client that they have complete records of the project.