About us


Geneer appreciates the relationships the company has built with the clients, the consultants and the specialty trades that make the project team.

Here are some of the words others they have offered about Geneer.

-Ann McCusker, General Manager, MedRay Imaging

-Douglas Spratt, President, Douglas Spratt & Associates Ltd.

Safety and Well Being

Geneer's principle priority is the safety and well being of all those affected by our construction projects. Emphasis on patient safety is specifically managed through a detailed IP&C project logistics plan.

This is designed during the pre-construction phase, which is coordinated with the facility IP&C deaprtment as detailed in the CSA Standard for Infection control during construction, renovation and maintenance of health care facilities (CAN/CSA-Z317.13-07).

Geneer health and safety is managed by our comprehensive Health and Safety Company Manual.

All employees and senior staff are trained in Infection Control, first aid/CPR and participate in an annual health and safety review program.

Senior staff members are trained and certified in Construction Health and Safety Basic, Basics of Supervising issued by the IHSA and are certified in the CHES construction course.

Geneer is  COR certified; an accredited health and safety program that meets national standards.