North Shore Medical Imaging MRI, North Vancouver, BC

Jan - 2011

MRI | 09-214

District: Private
Completed : 4 Months, January 2011


  • Renovate main floor of existing two floor building to accomodate an MRI department.


Nature of Geneer' Involvement

  • complete "design-build" of a new MRI department, including MRI suite, control room, equipment room, change toom and radiologist reading room.
  • Project construction management services.
  • Architectural scope of work including framing, drywall, taping, painting, doors, frames, & T-bar ceilings.
  • concrete scanning, saw cutting, coring, concrete placing & finishing.
  • Coordinate electrical trade, mechanical trade, rooding trade, flooring trade and equipment riggers.
  • Coordinate R.F. shield installation & testing.
  • Coordinate millwork trade.
  • Coordinate MRI system delivery placement.