Medray Imaging Clinic, Coquitlam BC

Sep - 2010

MRI (07-18)

Project Details
District - Private 
Project Schedule
Completed 5 months
Design: Feb-March
Phase 1 Construction: March 13-Jun 8
MRi delivery and Apps: April 2-30
Phase 2 Construction: March 19-May 7
Phase 3 Construction: May 22 – Jun 9
First Patient: June 10, 2007


  • 1.5 Tesla Magnet.
  • Complete 3000 sq-ft interior Medical maging Department renovation.
  • Complete Electrical and Mechanical systems upgrade
  • MRI Scan Room specially designed for c aust-ophobic patients.
  • High-end Interior finishes.


Nature of Geneer' Involvement

  • Complete "design build" of a new MRI department, including:
  • MRI suite, control room, equipment room, change room, patient prep area, Radiologist reading room, board room, meeting room, imaging facility managers office, accounting office, washroom, waiting room, change room, reception area, storage room and two shelled Ultrasound rooms.
  • Project Construction Management services,
  • Architectural scope of work including framing, drywall, taping, painting, doors, frames & T-bar ceilings.
  • concrete scanning, saw cutting, coring, concrete place & finishing.
  • Coordinate electrical, mechanical, roofing, flooring and equipment rigging.
  • Coordinate R.F. Shield installation & testing.
  • Coordinate millwork.
  • Coordinate MRI system delivery & placement.
  • Exterior landscape work including sidewalk, hedges, lawn & decorative stone work.