Geneer appreciates the relationships the company has built with the clients, the consultants and the specialty trades that make the project team.

Here are some of the words others they have offered about Geneer.

-Ann McCusker, General Manager, MedRay Imaging

-Douglas Spratt, President, Douglas Spratt & Associates Ltd.

Ann McCusker, GM MedRay Imaging

MedRay Imaging has just succesfully completed a 13 week MRI installation and construction project with Geneer Ltd. The scope of the project included installation of the GE HDe 1.5 T magnet, magnet room, equipment room and technologist work station. The scope also extended out to include the clinic lease hold improvements for the MRI clinic and expansion of our clerical work space for MedRay imaging.

Geneer lived up to their reputation as experts in the field of MRI installations. The very technical project is highly advanced and required a team focused on quality, safet and detail. Job site safety was constantly mintored and at no time did we feel vulnerable to working in a construction zone. All specs were followed, checked and re-checked when in question. The end result is a first class MRI clinic.

The strengths of the Geneer project team and project manager lies in their strong communication skills, attention to detail and maintenance of a professional working relationship with all parties. Geneer quickly integrated into the culture at MedRay and our professional medical centre to ensure minimal disruptions to all tenants. This was a key compenent in maintaining a normal business environment with little to no down time or disruptions in work flow.

MedRay's experience with Geneer from start to finish was very positive. Each Geneer team member operated in a professional and respectful manner which led to a strong working relationship with all MedRay staff, customers, suppliers and sub trades. As the General Manager of the facility I was able to put complete trust into this project team to complete the job on time, on budget and with minmal disruption.

I am happy to answe any further questions your may have or, if you wish to arrange for an on-site visit to view the clinic and our services please contact me directly on: 604.945.1125

Best Regards,



Ann McCusker

General Manager

MedRay Imaging-MedRay MRI