EFW Clinic Calgary, Alberta

Jun - 2011

MRI | 09-175

District: Private
Completed : 5 months 


  • State of the art facility, featuring custom architecture - full facility renovation and MRi fitout
  • X-Ray and Medical Imaging Center
  • Imported light fixtures installed with LED backlight - Environmentally friendly electrical unit


Nature of Geneer' Involement

  • complete MRI department including imaging room, control room, equipment room and patient prep area.
  • Ultrasound Diagnostic Suites
  • Mamography diagnostic suites
  • X-Ray suites, Fluroscopy suites.
  • Administration offices and support services
  • Staff lunch rooms, washrooms and change rooms.
  • Waiting rooms and patient change rooms.
  • First floor and second floor reception areas.
  • Consult rooms and exams rooms.
  • Radiologist reading room.
  • Infrastructure service upgrades including electrical, all mechanical disiplines, data systems, security, sound masking, telephone and humidification.