Delta Hospital, Delta, B.C.

Apr - 2009

VCT ABS | 08-106

Project Details
District: Public
Project Schedule
Completed : 9 months
Design: Sept 08
Construction: Nov 08
First Patient: April 09


  • New 1700 sq-ft Modular VCT department.
  • Nine (9) month time frame from concept to first patient.
  • Turnkey Project included a complete design partnership with the client.
  • Modular structure comes complete with tie-ins to the existing hospital.
  • Modular Structure capable of relocation / renovation / expansion.
  • Noncombustible hospital grade construction

The finished product attached to our existing hospital seamlesslyone
would have no idea that the “module” is an addition- the structure
attaches to the existing building with not even a hint that it was
constructed in such a short time frame. It is bright and modern and a structure
I know will be part of the Delta Hospital for many many years to come!”
- Martha Cloutier (Acute Care Director, RN BSN MA)