About us


Geneer appreciates the relationships the company has built with the clients, the consultants and the specialty trades that make the project team.

Here are some of the words others they have offered about Geneer.

-Ann McCusker, General Manager, MedRay Imaging

-Douglas Spratt, President, Douglas Spratt & Associates Ltd.

About us

Geneer Construction is focused on contributing to the the health care industry, offering services in:

   *Construction Management

   * General Contractors

   * Design-Build

The company specializes in:

   * Diagnostic Imaging Departments

   * Retro-fit and Renovations

   * Alternative Building Systems (ABS)


It is the construction of a strong team that Geneer thrives on.

The success of a project is in working closely with the entire team including the Client and User Group. We work together with them at each milestone of the project, from initial planning and to completion. When the project team works together, the design of the facility reflects both the expertise of the team and the needs of the hospital.

The Geneer team specializes in all aspects of construction, allowing us to complete most trade contracts "in house." Our advantage is completing projects with accelerated schedules, generally independent of local trade market. With this versatility, project costs are maintained or reduced and the completion of our projects remain on schedule.

Our strategic alliances with key design professionals and specialty trades allow us to work within accelerated schedules and construction budgets. We value quality at Geneer, therefore each project must maintain our High Quality Standard.